A year in the life of Little Letter with Not on the High Street

Posted on March 20 2015

When I look back now, it’s crazy to think that this time last year after all my hard work I almost gave up on Little Letter. I created the idea in August 2012.  At the same time, I was trying to renovate the Victorian House we had just bought as well as look after my little girl who was 1. By 2013 I had managed to build up a collection of little letters, create a website and open an Etsy and Amazon shop. Unfortunately, the house was draining us of cash and living on one salary was becoming increasingly more difficult. We often joked that we were recreating the film ‘The money pit’. Do you remember when Tom Hanks falls through the ceiling, well yes that happened to my husband! Anyway back to Little Letter. So by now, I was working full time on the business and still finding it increasing difficult to achieve anywhere near enough sales to survive. I had read an article in Woman and Home magazine about a girl who applied to Not on the High Street. I had heard of their website and knew it was difficult to be accepted as a partner. I had worked hard on my Valentine's Day collection and although I would have liked more time to refine the brand I decided to bite the bullet and apply. I remember eagerly awaiting their response and when they accepted me as a partner I remember being ecstatic. Who knew what was to follow….

I launched on Not on the High Street in February 2014 with my Valentine’s Day Collection and made more money that month than I had in the previous year! I knew this was the big break I had needed. I created more little letters for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and began writing my own poems. By July 2014 the business was flying. I employed Sophie part time initially to help make the tiny wax seals you see on each of our letters. Her role gradually increased and she is now with me full time.  In October 2014, Not on the High Street asked to feature our Father Christmas letter in their Christmas Catalogue. We were thrilled beyond words and what followed I could have only dreamt about. Get ready….. they featured our Father Christmas letter in their Christmas TV advert which premiered on ITV at 8.40pm during the X Factor. I still have to pinch myself now. In December 2014 we also finished our house renovation after 3 long years. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

After 2 years of working from home with boxes all over the house, I have now moved into a lovely office in the Malthouse Business Centre. Having the office will now allow me to grow the business and employ more staff.

I have big plans for 2015 including expanding our collection to Birthday and Wedding Invitations, a trade show maybe and lots on new Survival Gifts. I look forward to sharing with you how things unfold and hope you enjoy following the Little Letter journey with me.



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