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Boys Tooth Fairy Kit


Product Details

Our beautiful, Personalised Tooth Fairy Gift has all that is needed to captivate your child's imagination and provide a magical experience and lasting memory.

Your gift includes:
- a tooth chart to record lost teeth and on the reverse, "How to tell if a Fairy is Nearby" - a sure way to build up excitement leading to the Tooth Fairy's visit.
- a blue bag that keeps the tooth safe under the pillow and provides a great place for the Tooth Fairy to leave a monetary reward
- a miniature, personalised envelope and letter from the Tooth Fairy. Each Tooth Fairy envelope includes a tiny perforated stamp, postmark and traditional was seal embossed with a fairy hand print
- a small, silver magnifying glass
- a tiny bottle of fairy dust

All items in your kit come beautifully wrapped with tissue paper and presented in a Little Letter gift box, tied with ribbon.

Your gift is then delivered in a silver bubble envelope to arouse excitement and intrigue for the surprise within. (Gift will fit through a standard letterbox).

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