About Us


I'm Victoria, founder and creator of Little Letter.  I was inspired to launch Little Letter by my two little girls. They are growing up in such “connected” times… but there is nothing quite like the emotional connection of receiving hand-delivered mail. There’s no email or instant message that can trigger the same feelings you have when tearing open an envelope and unfolding a letter to read. 

For a good portion of my adult career I had neglected the creative streak I’ve inherited from my mum, who made us adorable felt dolls, knitted hats and jumpers, and our own greetings cards. So, after working in IT and later interior design for many years, I decided to embrace my creative urge and change my lifestyle, opting to work from home to enjoy more time with my children and allow my creative passion to flourish.

After months of brainstorming business ideas, my first ever Little Letter from the Tooth Fairy was created in 2012. The design you see today was based on my perfectionist nature to make a letter from the fairies look as convincing as possible. From the wax seal boasting the handprint of a fairy, to the teeny-tiny postage stamp, envelope lining and postmark, no detail was overlooked in the design process.