Our Story


I believe that children come into the world with the gift of innocence and imagination. They have a magical ability to make and remake the world in anyway they choose. Their dreams take them to worlds that adults have long forgot.

As a mum to two little girls, I know I only have a short window of time in which I want to lavish my girls with magical experiences that create memories they will treasure for a lifetime.

In 2012 I created my first miniature Tooth Fairy Letter. Being a perfectionist, it was a painstaking mission. In my mind it had to look as realistic as possible, from the tiny wax seal and postmark to the teeny, tiny postage stamp and envelope insert. I think even the fairies would be impressed with the finished article.

Each little letter can be fully personalised and used to enhance magical moments in their childhood such as visits from the Tooth Fairy or the Dummy Fairy as well as letters from Father Christmas or their Christmas Elf.  For the Peter Pan’s amongst you, let your imagination run wild and inspire theirs.

The letters can also be used to indirectly address your child's anxiety, sadness or stress. Ask your child to write to the fairies about matters concerning them, it could be the loss of a pet, worries about starting their first day of school or a lack of confidence. The fairies response provides an opportunity to offer your little one reassurance in a magical and believable way.They’re only little once. Make it magical.